Tuesday 5 July 2011

day thirty

"your favorite song at this time last year"

this time last year we were deep in black redstart enthralledness and oh my i do miss the beautiful blighters. they disappeared by the end of june and i looked for them scoured the rooftops night after night for weeks but they were gone and we were left to the pigeons and the odd seagull. a week or so ago a little tweety thing sang from our arial again then vanished and my little heart leapt but i think it was just a park tweety bird that'd got blown over and it's not been back. really it should be blossom singing try your wings but i really don't think i could bear it right now

wait a minute wait a tiny minute...

so just last night only just last night there's middle of the night singing three o'clock in the morning singing and a tiny blob at the very top of marshall street baths serenading soho. oh you beautifully well timed dears. tonight i'll be scouring the rooftops

oh balls a song. favourites again. i thought we'd dealt with favourites. well last summer was the one we discoverd kalima all over again wasn't it? all those smiling hours? let's do it again

kalima - land of dreams



davyh said...

Ah, all those smiling hours.

This has been fabulous x

ally. said...

ta for the geeing along heartface. what now?

davyh said...

A bit of sit down and a nice cup of tea?

ally. said...

sounds lovely

Tracy Garnish said...

Oh my,that was most excellent.What a marathon.Bravo...x