Thursday 30 June 2011

day twenty five

"a song that makes you laugh"

what? do they mean in a you're having a bleedin' larf kind of a way surely not that'd be too too way too many they mean actual laughing don't they oh god not laughing not like something funny laughing. not a song that makes you laugh. oh please don't do this to me. i'm trying here really (very trying very goddam funny)

alright alright so jonathan richman and the modern lovers doing vincent van gogh got a mention oh jesus years back now and the first few times that the baddest painter since jan vermeer line giggled the place stupid still always raises at least a smirk and ol' jr he's good for a spot in this whole mess. he could've had now is better than before and i'm just beginning to live and important in your life on other days so hey surrender to jonathan...

jonathan richman and the modern lovers - vincent van gogh



Simon said...

You worn out yet?!?!? This is the most posting you've done for a bloody long time!!

Love this song.

ally. said...

only a few days left then it's back to shoddiness

Swiss Adam said...

Vincent isn't an asshole though, not like Pablo Picasso

Mondo said...

Always sounds to me like he needs to blow his nose! PS Black Cat is in for next week