Thursday 21 July 2011

back to the world

gawd awful sad don't you think the last shuttle earth bound the same day there were giant steps and a whole generation of i want to be an astronaut when i grow ups. desperate sad.

we really wasted all that didn't we. all that hope. stayed small and stupid even when we'd gone out into all that hugeness. rats.

bossa rio - old devil moon



Mondo said...

The further we get away from the space race the morenbelievable/stunning it seems. What with that flaky old sixties technology.

davyh said...

I really wish I'd kept my Brooke Bond PG Tips The Race To Space cards album (the only one I completely filled) : (

spud said...

What a great version - like that tune, but I've only got an Anita O'Day of it.

Know what you mean about the idealism of that space race heyday, the idea that we'd all be dwarfed and humbled by all that immensity, and given such a revelation of our common humanity on this lonely fragile planet that we could do no other than live as one in peace.

Yeah, good luck with that!

ally. said...

yeah that yeah that's what i meant to say. thankyou dear for putting it so nicely

Tracy Garnish said...

Back to the world?Earth? So that's what the God Almighty bump was!!!!

Dane said...

I couldn't have expressed my disappointment any better myself.