Friday 9 March 2012


diaries out time again chums the 99p soulers are back in action well i say action obviously i mean standing about chatting having a little dance and trying not to spill gin all over their records but you know what i mean. the ever super mister rob has gifted us some more treats from his big box of where does he get them froms to cheer us on our way. i do hope we see you there

john washington - daddy teddybear

messiahs of glory - thank you


Swiss Adam said...

Nice flier.
Unfortunately I live 200 miles away or would be down for some gin and dancing.

Mondo said...

If only we could get the overnight Babysitters - we'd be there like a shot. But if you're free next Saturday feel free to come and shake a leg with us and the Len Price 3 here

Darcy said...

Wow! That John Washington track is seriously good.. and seriously expensive!

I really must try the trek to ec1.

(deep breath: now to try and prove I'm not a robot).

Rob Ryan said...

More intro quizzes please !!!

Mick said...

Great flyer, inspiring tunes. Can't wait for 14th.

Yeah, more quizzes please,(where I know the answers?)

davyh said...


ally. said...

heck yeah yeah yeah

although i've now realised i'm going to miss this one. rats. thankfully everyone else do the best bits so they'll be able to fit even more aceness in. i'll be thinking of you