Wednesday 28 March 2012

get up and use me

i'd go on and on and on (and oh how i do my poor indulging love) but you know you know...

at 21 bateman street w1 or those glorious spots just around the corner from you

liza minnelli - use me



Steve Benton said...

Wow...champion post - super pics, amazing tunes. Thank you.

Yr Heartout said...

Now that's what I call a cover version. Not heard that one before Ally - wonderful!

ally. said...

huge record isn't it and a proper boot sale standard - off if the lp the singer if you come across it.
how i wish all those bar italiaers would wake up to the glory of the lorelei in it's last days

spud said...

Seriously lovely photos. As we would only expect.

Liza sounds pretty good Withering,a little bit folk-funk. I do like the sound of a clavinet as well. And the way that the slow-burn brass and strings creep in about halfway through.