Friday 30 March 2012


oh jackie heartface you aren't half a treasure a proper first plastic treat i've diddled the housekeeping for in ooooooh such the awful longest time so long long long ago i could probably've seen how grinded and gooped up you were without my blinking spectacles heavens even what you were called and who you were by without stretching you out just past the very end of these scrawny arms but oh my you were sure worth every illicit penny* and how i wish you were getting a play out with the lovely 99pers. boy they'd dance you up a storm. next time i promise

jackie shane - comin' down


99p soul
can be thrilled to on saturday april 14th at the betsy trotwood 56 farringdon rd london ec1 from 8 o'clock. 99p on the door.




the lovely marie reminded us of the absolutely glorious documentary that reintroduced us to the wonder of jackie shane - listen do right here


davyh said...

oh dear girl, that is a FAB one x

Simon said...


mr.K said...

Jackie just made my morning a little more fabulous! x

ally. said...

he's like that

Anonymous said...

Hi Ally, I'm from Toronto, Canada, a city Jackie Shane called home for a time.

I think you might be interested in this CBC Radio doc on Jackie:


glen grainger said...

what a great record

ally. said...

marie dear thanks ever so for reminding everone about that wonderful show. it was the queer music heritage gang and that very show that led me to the gloriousness of jackie and his beatification as patron saint of dustysevens

mick said...

Brilliant - I'll play Battened Ships for you at 99 xx

Anonymous said...

I feel badly that no one knows what happened to Jackie. It's just not right! Marie

ally. said...

it sure as all hell isn't old grooves and dear mick i thank you