Monday, 17 December 2007


okay my sweet lovely treasures

the winner is....

(of the first of many cos i've got all carried away with it intros competition if you've not been keeping up)


so it goes
teenage kicker steve with 9 ! hoorah !

and those pesky tunes were ...

michael jackson - rock with you
human league - being boiled
jackie wilson - i get the sweetest feeling
stiff little fingers - suspect device
the tornados - telstar
bernard cribbins - right said fred
roy orbison - only the lonely
glen campbell - rhinestone cowboy
gang of four - love like anthrax
the shangri la's - give him a great big kiss

i thought they were blindingly obvious despite the mrs's protestations but it turns out she was right (as usual) and no one, not a sausage, got the gang of four one apart from spud who guessed right but didn't know the song. i've always thought of anthrax as kind of their signature tune but what the hell do i know...
and only steve got rock with you. which was super easy. really really super easy. really.

just listen. and dance.

michael jackson - rock with you

young gifted and black. and with at least a bit of his soul intact. the poor old sod.

anyway thank you ever so my dears for all your sterling efforts. i hope it all took up valuable work hours. just rememember you're all winners in my book. but steve gets a prize winging it's way to south korea.

in case anyone's feeling left out how's about a bit of the orange juice record prize to cheer you

orange juice - intuition told me

thanks again everyone. i love you all.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Ally - that was top entertainment.

Talking of which...the only Gang Of Four I've got is a dusty seven of 'Tourist'. But you're right - should have remembered Love Like Anthrax.

*hangs head in shame*

Bring on Althea and Donna! (Has yours got a picture sleeve? Mine hasn't.)

ally. said...

any time heartface.

and i only left the bassline and drums on anthrax in at the mrs's insistence - i thought all that feedback would be clue aplenty

uptown top ranking is just in a plain green paper sleeve i'm afraid

So It Goes said...

Thanks a lot ally: makes me feel better after the cold I've been suffering from this week!!
Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Anonymous said...

Yes, best bit of time wasting for a while that was....look forward to the next one. MJ - blindin' obvious I suppose but GO4 deserves a mighty slap on the forehead..tsk!

davyh said...

So I got Bernard Cribbins but not The Gang Of Four...Hmm...

Top quiz there Miss Ally: wholesome family entertainment at its best.

londonlee said...

Damn, I should have entered. I'm sure I would have got 'Rock With You' being a bit of an old soul boy an' all.

Unknown said...