Monday 24 December 2007

okay so i'm a last minute just in the nick of time kinda gal but my attention span barely stretches seven inches so my xmas excitement only starts about now with today overflowing with panic, increasingly drunker shopping, and shoddy wrapping. and an xmas howdy doodie to y'all.

i can't bear festive tunes as a strictly observed rule, not even the elvis xmas lp, but the ronettes sound like they'd cut you up bad if you didn't get all noely with them, and like they're singing chewing gum with a fag in one hand and a bottle of bourbon in the other. and let's not think about the switchblade in the beehive. and there's definately a london accent mixed in there somewhere. it's lovely weaver for a sleigh ride togever wiv you. not in manchester it ain't obviously. it's bleedin' raining.

ronettes - sleigh ride

and like good ol' bltp i've got a soft spot for hem. they gave this little beauty away last year.

hem - have yourself a merry little christmas

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davyh said...

Santa loves ya baby x