Thursday 13 December 2007

glitter ball

to ease your quiz weary brains and get your move busting areas loose and lovely a block party classic.

unlimited touch - i hear music in the streets

be careful now or you'll do yourself an injury


davyh said...

Great picture! (but I don't fancy yours much...)

Mondo said...

The cover's like a Baccara version of a Roxy album and what a great tune - like early Prince and George Clinton.

Tip top combo, a winner all the way

Anonymous said...

I like this tune lots but I'd never heard it until it turned up on one of Norman Jay's Good Times comps. Had you?

Love this music. Makes me think of Brixton Soul Patrol gatecrashing parties with the pockets of their army green boiler suits bulging with home-made mixtapes in the early 80s...and wedgeheads in Farahs...and girls with bad perms and rum 'n' black and 20 Rothmans.

Furry dice paradise.