Monday 4 February 2008

torment tuesday

all that peddlers business has got me all jazzed up good polonecked and bereted and swinging daddy o consumed by a raging reefer madness fighting drinking making wild love and marveling that anyone with a name like deidre wilson could make such a mighty desperate soul wrenching noise. okay so i've been drinking far to sweet and chocolatey hot chocolate at five thirty in the evening and listening to endless football tittle tattle and having an early night but it's still a hell of a record.

deidre wilson tabac - i can't keep from crying


Anonymous said...

Genius! Swings like yer mama. It's an education dropping by here, honestly.

There's a theme isn't there? Because Mario Biondi's version sounds like this one as well? Then there's the folkie version from the days when Davy Graham looked like a genuine rentable beatnik. Any other good 'uns?

Something about this - her singing style, the band - made me think of the Grady Tate stuff that I've got ('Windmills' and that Moondance cover on a comp). I had a quick Google to check for a link (producer? label?) but couldn't find anything other than dustygroove agreeing with the comparison - and an interesting reference to her covering Get Back.
Know anything about her? She's not going to turn out to be related to Spanky Wilson or something?

Musical Deidres are thin on the ground with the possible exception of London jazz guitarist Deidre Cartwright who really does sound like she ought to be in Coronation Street. How about Dee Edwards? Was she a Deidre or a Dorothy?


ally. said...

i know nothing about her/them apart from seeing the lp cover once and it was a speccy woman and two afroey blokes ( i think - it could've been any combination of the three). you can get the single, with get back on the other side off of jazzman.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads-up, as ever.

I really need to replace my dead turntable and get back on the vinyl train - got a recommended buy if I do the USB thing?


ally. said...

i just plug my stereo into the computer and record it on abode audition but that audacity free software is supposed to be top hole

Rob said...

Hey Ally

What a fantastic track - thanks!

davyh said...

It's a FANTASTIC tracks isn't it? I have had it for a while on this (which by the way is fab) and everyone I have ever played it to has gone 'Like WOW'. As you do in your black polo, etc.

BLTP said...

This might help I use lap top so don't have soundcard so I use a I-mic widget (£20-30)and my normal rega turntable. That being said if you just want to rip tracks a dedicated usb turntable might be the thing. try cnet for reviews and I use audacity which is fine and free.

Anonymous said...

Cheers bltp & ally both for all that useful stuff -
I've got Total Recorder so I might see how that works out with a deck.

Sorry for both rambling and hi-jacking! Back to Deidre...


Mondo said...

What a swinger, those drums, that voice, the skippy guitar at the end. Marvellous.

ally. said...

you ramble and hi jack all you like my dear - it's always a pleasure. i look forward to hearing some choice tunes when you get all hooked up

Anonymous said...

Totally gone man! There's an excellent version by Al Kooper too(on the Elektra "What's Shakin" sampler)