Friday 8 February 2008

throw your hands up in the air

the i like lament for a soon to be gone glorious scottish dancehall has got me all wistful and dreamy and desperate to track down and swear a debt of honour or something to all the brilliant folks who've played me records that've exploded in my heart and stun me still. there's all my new interweby chums obviously but along the way there's been clubs i would've gone to every night and radio shows there were never enough c60s for and friends i don't know what i would've been without

jackson sisters - i believe in miracles

there should be a shrine or statue or at least a goddamn plaque to wendy may and her locomotion down at the town and country/forum whatever it's called these days in kentish town where we danced and danced and danced and had fabulous hair and turn ups you could keep your lunch in and even when you could always guess what tune was coming next there were magic moments even bacharach and david could never've imagined even if perry como helped. like when she played i believe in miracles. blimey.


Anonymous said...

Still sounds good, doesn't it?

French plait or beehive?

Rockin' looks, funky moves - where did all those girls go?

londonlee said...

You know I was trying to remember the other day the name of the great soul club that used to be at the Town & Country Club.

Wendy May! The Locomotion! How could I have forgotten?

We might have bumped into each other there at some point Ally.

ally. said...

if you'd spilled my drink you'd've known about it