Monday 31 March 2008

are you ready ? are you ready for this ?

straight to it no messing about all this drizzle is making my hair go frizzy and i've got pints day at the french to get ready for...

the answers to the spring 2008 dustysevens introductions competition are

lyn collins - think
frankie valli - the night
the beat - stand down margaret
the clash - white man in hammersmith palais
shirley bassey - light my fire
eric b and rakim - follow the leader
the supremes and the temptations - i'm gonna make you love me
the jam - boy about town
neil diamond - sweet caroline
the miracles - love machine

and the winner with a fabulosa eight and a half right answers won't be crying all the way to the chipshop today that's for sure. oh yes it's everyones favourite contintental chelsea supporter step right up mr london lee ! your althea and donna 45 prize will be in the post.

my picture clues obviously didn't help a bit even though i thought everything this time was a bleedin' doddle. there's rattling on about all the featured tunes to come when i've sobered up but till then listen and groan and go i knew it was that really a lot. and thanks for joining in duckies

click to hear the intros

intros competition two

and press play for the full tracks


Simon said...

I know I know, I didn't enter; blame my visit to my parents!

But I wouldn't have done badly; Lyn Collins I wouldn't have been able to name, although I've got that on some old compilation from when they were trying to educate people where samples came from and it's fairly obvious what song is about to be sung from the clip. I hadn't heard the Eric B for years and years and years. So that one would have gone.

And while Light My Fire is instantly recognizable, naming Shirley might have been harder to do. The rest though were easier, especially Love Machine. That's a song I always forget I love until I hear it, then I'm singing it for a week. My wife won't thank you for it though, I spent a lot of time singing it to her on our travels....

More of this please!!

londonlee said...

Ha! Losers!

#2 was The Four Seasons, was it not?

dickvandyke said...

Kinnel Lee, not only do you beat the intro knowing Lyn Collins and dame Shirley Bassey, but you're aving it large with the quizmaster now!

Nice work y'all.

PS What is Pints Day?

londonlee said...

The Shirley Bassey was the one I didn't get I'm afraid.

Simon said...

Am I the only one waiting for the tape to unspool into the machine? Biro at the ready to wind it back in!

Anonymous said...

I actually woke up in the middle of last night with the realisation that one of them was White Man In The Palais. I wasn't quite pitiful enough to sneak out the bedroom and mail off for another measly half a point. Close thing though.

Can we all lean across the comments boxes and shake hands with Lee like we were on Countdown?

dickvandyke said...

Or on Mastermind Spud, where they shake at the end often in that wet fish, trainspotter, tweed skirt or leather patches on cardigan kinda way?

Rob said...

great picture, ally. I dj'd again recently (for the first time in years) and took Think with me, but i thought it would be too obvious to actually play. But I did and as soon as the needle hit the record two people came up and told me it was their favourite song of all time! it'll never get tired, that's for sure...

ally. said...

ta everyone - thanks ever so for joining in.
i'm actually a big fan of the librariany patches on a jacket and tweed look despite not owning anything with patches on or tweedy and i thought think waas too obvious too but bloomin brilliant it most certainly is.
the picture is of a young lionel blair by the way.
and how everyone didn't get shirley bassey with my super easy burley chassis picture clue i'll never know...

davyh said...

I was 'borderline' for grammar school. Cut me some slack.

Jon said...

Gorgeous mixtape - and pretty mixtape maker!

dickvandyke said...

I now see where Leo Sayer got his dance moves from. Lionel's dancing on the sideboard (not ceiling).

Anonymous said...

Y'know Ally ... this is embarrassing ... but I got 0 correct. Oh dear ... better git me to popschool :(

Devil Dick said...