Tuesday 18 March 2008

i wouldn't normally do this sort of thing...

...what with trying to be all exotic and international woman of mysteryey and all but there could be rare tunnocks tea cakes at stake and besides anne at i like asked and i love i like so here goes nothing...

it's supposed to be some kind of 4x4 thing but you know how vague things get round here so it might be a bit messier

4 jobs i've had

get a job? have you lost your bleedin' marbles? i'm not about to turn in my arthur daley fan club card just yet my dears. i did accept the dirty wage packet of the man once long ago but only the once and never again

football results carrier - saturdays throughout my teenage years were spent in the bowels of the lancashire evening post building next to the tele tape machine waiting for football titbits to pop out for me to deliver to the other side of the building to the ridiculously pissed reporters. why they didn't just move the bloody machine is a mystery.

4 shows i never miss

i haven't got a telly so that's a bit of a non starter too. i am partial to a bit of football tittle tattle on the radio mind.

4 places i've been

the life of the entrepreneur and confidant to the stars doesn't leave much time for your actual holidays and gadding about but i do like a little trip down to the blue posts on berwick street, the lovely french house on dean street, downstairs in the phoenix is always a pleasure of course, and if i really need to get away from it all for a bit then there's the red lion on rosebery avenue

4 music artists i'm listening to

i think a troll about round here should answer that one but i am having a bit of a thing with neil diamond at the mo. not that bloody awful thing he did recently mind all johnny cash and whatnot but the boat that row and i am i said. tapes for the car (when we had a car) always include curtis mayfield, the shangri las and the buzzcocks without fail

there now that was illuminating wasn't it. i'm awful at this sort of thing. but put a large vat in front of me and i'll tell you anything

neil diamond - the boat that i row

curtis mayfield - we the people who are darker than blue

the shangri la's - train from kansas city

buzzcocks - love you more



Roger said...

Great stuff Ally, I'm scared about putting personal information on my blog for fear of revealing to the world what an awful dullard I actually am. The Blue Posts has to be my favourite Soho boozer, I hope it never changes.

londonlee said...

Downstairs at the Phoenix? You mean the bar under the Phoenix Theatre on Charing X Road? Oh, I've spent many a drunken night in there over the years, it was me and my mates secret West End den where you could drink late and no one knew about it.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you. You didn't disappoint. I think I've also been downstairs at the Phoenix? Is it all crimson and dingy?

BTW, have lost your address for Tunnock's goodies. Could you resend?

BLTP said...

what about 4 tunnock's plain chocolate caramels thats reet sophisticated ! ;)

ally. said...

it's a bit trickier getting in the phoenix, yes it is that phoenix, they try and be all membery after 8 but it always worth it

londonlee said...

I started going there in the 80s when it was called Fino's and it was mostly really quiet apart from the odd group of theatre goers. I used to see Steven Berkoff in there a lot sitting at the bar on his own reading a book and having a pint.

Shame it's been "discovered" now.

Unknown said...

hope the tea cakes dont get squashed....