Monday 17 March 2008

don't watch that watch this

so you'll all've rushed out and got the london nobody knows on bright and shining brand new dvd i know but thats no excuse to not rattle on about the lovely old thing a bit more. i mean how can anyone not rattle on about something where james mason james masons about the place tutting and sighing and being disapproving as hell. james mason is ace all round so just imagine how brilliant it is to see him trolling down chapel market or knocking on some old dears door going 'hello i'm james mason may i come in' a lot. top hole. mind you the music is bloody awful and there's way too many street entertainers all over the goddam place. forty bloody years and we've not rid our lovely city of these foul horrors. anyway while you're watching that i'm off somewhere grotty to moan about modern stuff and patronise the hell out of some poor people.
here's some clips to get you in the mood...

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Simon said...

Aha thanks for the reminder; just mentioned this to Lee at 'chip shop' the other day. Should have left a post it on my computer to remind myself!

Quick visit to HMV on the way home I think...


Kippers said...

Wow, what a fantastic clip. Bloody poignant though. Think I'm going to have to order this too now.

Welcome back BTW x

davyh said...

I really did want someone to shout 'Ere you kids! Ged aht of it!' mind.

(So she's back; and if anything with even fewer commas x)

Fnarf said...

The pink fluid that one gentleman is sipping looks like a particularly nice vintage.

The shop front at No. 56 Artillery Lane is actually from the 1750s, though the building itself does date from the seventeenth century as Mason claims.

It's still there, too:

Great clip!

Fnarf said...

"For the first time these kids are being given a decent break" as the shot encompasses a forbidding and shoddy tower block!

ally. said...

god bless the sixties planners eh fnarf - i'll pop down and see that artillary row thingy asap armed with my new knowledge