Friday, 18 April 2008

b'dum b'dum

it was pete shelleys birthday yesterday and to celebrate and keep you busy and amazed all weekend here is the tony wilson what's on buzzcocks /magazine special in all it's granadatastic glory. i never even knew this existed. you'll find the missing tracks over on youtube somewhere i'm sure


Simon said...

It's everything (almost) that was released on respond. Some good; some not so!

Mondo said...

Love the last track, sounds like David Watts - I met Pete Shelley at a Wolfmen gig last year what a nice bloke, but he'd tucked away a few glasses of red - and I was a bit wobbly so couldn't understand a word he said. Their last album 'Flat Pack Philosophy' is a Buzzcocks belter too, and Pete's 80s stuff is electrotastic.