Sunday 6 April 2008

i proclaim a snow day

snow snow snow snow snow. charging around trafalgar square at gawd knows what time too excited to stay in bed then home to building a snowman on the roof. ain't life grand. and it'll be sunny soon

dusty springfield - sunny



Anonymous said...

Hey ... did you hear Desert Island Discs with Penelope Wilton last week? She chose a lovely verison of 'Sunny' by Bobby Hebb that made my drive to work 17.25% better! Definitely worth tracking down methinks.

davyh said...

And the BBC News used Prince's 'Sometimes It Snows In April'!

Excellent rooftop work. My girlies made one in the garden that rather resembles a penguin with a wig made of a clump of turf x

Mondo said...

Oh yes - luvverly. Georgie Fame has a tasty pop at it too, but Tom Jones and Ella Fitz's version with that crazy pair chomping and vamping through the key changes is magnificent.

PS the snow didn't settle in Southend, must be that salty ol' air

Anonymous said...

Cute snowman. Me and Mrs Spud were running round Peckham Rye Park - like being inside a snow globe - and there was snowman action all over the place.

Great Sunnys all round. James Brown is good too. And, for an instrumental take, cop Jack McDuff and David Fathead Newman's version on Double Barreled Soul.