Monday 27 April 2009


now is there a better rhyming doo-dah in the history of rhyming doo-dahs than

when julie christie doesn't make me tingle
when i can't sing in tune
or make


you know hell no there ain't. and boy can scott swing it.

scott walker - will you still be mine

and that sure looks like finsbury park julie's morrisseying about in if you ask me. that bit near the chippy with the picture of stevie wonder getting chips.



spud said...

Swinging tune. Top rhyming. And was Julie C ever lovelier than in Billy Liar?

Where in Finsbury Park? Was Stevie picking up cod and chips twice for him and Syreeta on the way to the Rainbow? And did the proprietor manage to resist renaming the place 'Living For The Chippy'?

ally. said...

on the way home from the rainbow apparently. and up towards haringay somewhere - i've forgotten the road but i'll get the a-z out and check.
and if only the list of terrible chippy puns had been joined by that one

Gabbi said...

Thank you for the song Ally, illustrates the photos perfectly!

Unknown said...

'morrisseying about in...'


TIW said...

"Oh Billy"

* drops milk cartons *