Saturday 16 May 2009


just in case you didn't know yet saturday the fourth of july brings us the moony joy of buzz aldrin talking to andrew smith in the royal festival hall which sounds like as lovely a combination of stuff as you're likely to get especially if (oh please please please) buzz is in his spacesuit.
book really fast.


$83 billion - cost of all the apollo missions (in todays money)
$500 billion - what we've just given to banks here
$800 billion - what they've just given to banks there


the cadillacs - buzz buzz buzz



Mondo said...

Did you ever see the seventies prog Alternative 3 a great hoax show based around space stuff and missing scientists - terrified me. It's all on youtube..

dickvandyke said...

Wondered what that buzzing was at the back of your bedroom cupboard ally.

When asked about the conspiracy theorists claiming moon landings were fake, Buzz said,
"I was not concerned, but I lost my patience once and socked a guy, which created great publicity and cost me some legal fees. You aren't going to change the minds of people who are looking for attention.

ally. said...

cheers pm - i'll be there later

and dvd that aldrin - what a guy. second comes straight after first you know.

and how can anyone not be entranced by the whole moon landings fabulousousness.

and nothing buzzes in my bedroom matey.

BLTP said...

Ally, thanks for the heads up on this one we have our places booked in the Module.

ally. said...

so have we - overexcited already. see you in the bar