Wednesday, 20 May 2009

that's where you'll find me

buff up your suede comb out your corduroy set that beret to jaunty and turn the big jazz dial to ethiopian daddy-o cos tonight we're on the town

mulatu astatke - yegelle tezeta



davyh said...

Yay! And yay again! Mrs H. is crazy for one of his. We'll be swingin' to this tonight: hey, maybe even Dean'll check it out since he hangs round my gaff so much these days...(true) x

Roger said...

Fantastic stuff, Ally

Mondo said...

I was expecting a slowy - but got this hoppy-skippy lovely, and 3 times on the bounce too thanks to The Box auto-repeat..

Rob said...


Bit of a odd one in terms of ways to contact you as I could not find an email address for you?

I am currently producing a set of posters for a band called The HeartBreaks and wondered if I could use a couple of your seaside images which I found on you flicker!

My email address is if you could send me your email address I could tell you a little more!

I look forward to hearing from you!!



ally. said...

cor blimey but ol' mulatu was fine last night as were the heliocentrics come to that - must get the record.

i thought you'd be ignoring us peasants now you're pal to the stars davy so i'm honoured to have you round and i hope the mrs is suitably jazzed up

roger - how lovely to have you back - i've missed your podcast thingys awfully

pm - he's a man of suprises is mulatu

rob - i'll be in touch


Roger said...

How kind. The old creative juices dried up and work and whatnot got in the way. A slot and a spot of record shopping has got me thinking again and the podcasts should start again very soon.


spud said...

What Ally said. And a big hello and ta to everyone else who came along for the Koko gig last night. (Ally: sorry about sweaty mislaid tickets panic!).

Last night: beautiful drifting shapeshifting afropsychedelic mutant trance jazz.

Today: why am I so beat?

I've been playing the Mulatu vs Heliocentrics CD today. Fantastic. Everyone in that group is a serious player but there's no ego or grandstanding : it's all about how the music sounds.