Friday 28 August 2009

get down

in case your carnival weekend needs a little encouragement.

me i haven't ventured west of an august bank holiday since the troll from a few beers round gaz's rockin' blues over to good times's blow up turned into the all too plausible plot for mission impossible 4 and a new chapter in dub still rattled windows all over the city.

play nice now children

aswad - ghetto in the sky



davyh said...

I'd give anything to watch Double Deckers again.

spud said...

That still sounds good, doesn't it?

Brit reggae is even more neglected than the Brit funk likes of Linx but it had its bright lights and early Aswad were one of them, along with Matumbi and Dennis Bovell.

They were a pretty decent live act, especially when they played out with the full brass section. Did you ever see them at Carnival?

Those dub albums sound respectable as well. New Chapter, Showcase (the one with Warrior Charge), and whatever that otherwise average one with Jah Shaka was called that had that 'Behold HIM' track on it.

Brinsley Forde did a reggae show on Radio 2 for a bit, didn't he? Did you ever hear it? Any good?

ally. said...

it's a mighty thing isn't it just but pretty much where i left them so everything else is a mystery (apart from the unavoidable pop pap obviously) but the full live thing was always righteous