Wednesday 5 August 2009

library day

hey hey hey kiddiwinks the rock n roll public library is back up and running again this time in it's whole complete enormous entirety apparently and gee i thought the last go at just a smidgen of it was a dream of a day out so join me won't you please in a tootle down goldhawk road to see if it's got any of it's tatty superness left and a peep in honest jon's just in case there's any of those i like london in the rain 45s left past the pop ghosts of bay 63 and meanwhile gardens bumps and bruises and the million saturdays of my old stall to a jealous as jealous can be gawp at stuff stuff and more stuff a celebratory glass of something and very possibly (if you're good) chips

phyllis dillon - picture on the wall



Yr Heartout said...

Ooh my favourite Phyllis track. Very timely prompt too. You have to love Mick for being a hoarder. Makes me feel a lot better!

davyh said...

I have ten days or so before we're off on family hols to France and so MUST DO THIS BEFORE, and thank you kindly for the reminder Miss A x

ally. said...

Pleasure duckie - it really is a truly marvelous thing