Monday 25 February 2008

an incredibly bleak half hour

there's a fabulous bit of old telly about the wigan casino over at watchification
go and watch it then pop back over here for a bit of a dance to cheer yourselves up.(if you can tear yourself away from the other gems on show round there)

you'll find the first tune 'turning my heartbeat up' by the mvps over at planet mondo

judy street - what

and the last three numbers they played every saturday

tobi legend - time will pass you by

jimmy radcliffe - long after tonight is all over

dean parrish - i'm on my way

you can go and have a little cry now.


Mondo said...

That 30 minute show says more about the seventies than the whole of 'Life On Mars' series.

Thanks for the Shout Ally - this is my number one Northern Soul stomper of all time. (Magic Touch by the Bobby Fuller Four is close behind)

Luther Ingram - Exus Trek

Audio for the A and B side are available here..

Anonymous said...

I'm going to print off that Wigan Casino patch and make a badge from it and wear it work on Dress Down Friday tomorrow :) I may not have popped in for a while but I still read every post still love your blog!

entrailicus said...

Sex and drugs and northern soul!

marmiteboy said...

What by Judy Street is a big fav of mine. My copy is old scratchy and virtually unplayable now, It was a big Brucie bonus finding here.

Cheers Ally x

entrailicus said...

Wigan looks even more like this now than it did then.

davyh said...

Crikey, that Tobi Legend song is a weeper xx

ally. said...

it is isn't it - i've been playing it to death and promising to get off my lazy arse and do more fun. i'll just finish this tea...

davyh said...

The weird thing is I already had it but you putting it up here has made me rediscover it, for which I thank you most heartily.

I'm going to get off my lazy arse too, but only when I've cracked your pesky quiz x