Wednesday 16 April 2008

oh baby

now the temptations are flipping amazing and all but the moment miss ross does her hey baby breathy lovliness thing and then the notoriously hard to get right talkie bit this is blasted into geniusville

diana ross and the supremes and the tempations - i'm gonna make you love me

more more more


Mondo said...

I L.O.V.E this clip, the two way Tamla tag team brings out the best in both groups - and those craazzy legs at the end. Magnifico.

Simon said...

Diana Ross is hugely underrated; she might not be a big belter of a gospel vocalist like your Arethas; but that whole breathy thing, and those moments where she does open up and yell are just..yeah genius.

Peewit said...

This was one of the albums I used to own p.m. (pre marriage) and used to be on fairly heavy rotation in the late eighties. I t was one of the thousand or so records that went in the "it's me or the vinyl" purge. I must admit I had forgotten how much I loved the combination of the Supremes and the Temptations. I think I'm off CD hunting tomorrow!

ally. said...

peewit - buy the vinyl buy the vinyl - she's stuck with you now so you can do what you want
ain't love beautiful