Saturday 26 April 2008

that cat in england who swings his ass off

goodbye humph

i'm sorry i haven't a clue - 12/12/2005 - humphrey lyttleton, barry cryer, graeme garden, tim brooke taylor, jeremy hardy

john coltrane - my favourite things

there's a whole lovely southbank show to watch here


Simon said...

When I was a kid back when Radio One used to finish early I used to listen to his jazz show. A really soothing voice as you're going off to sleep.


marmiteboy said...

One of my very very favourite people. I have listened to I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue' from the start and I can't imagine it without Humph.

I was privilidged to met him twice in 1979 and 1980 when my Dad's band played with him. My Dad met him again some twenty years later and Humph's first words were "I played with you for a UNICEF benefit on Canvey Island". Dad met him on a number of ocassions after that as one of his school friends (the late Pete Strange) played in Humph's band. His was always welcoming, friendly and funny.

There isn't much more to say other than I will miss Humph's razor sharp wit and marvellous timing on 'I'm Sorry...' and his eclectic mix of jazz new and old on his Radio 2 show. We also forget sometimes what a bloody good musician he was too.

ally. said...

there's another isihac over on fun and heartbreak

So It Goes said...

I met the guy when he played Chichester Festival theatre in 1979 at their jazz festival (along with Acker Bilk, Ella Fitzgerald and my favourite squeeze at the time, Anna Ford). Two of his band came down the stairs, still playing right through the backstage foyer. Nice man: will be missed.

So It Goes said...

P.S, How do you get to say 'tittivations' instead of 'comments'?

ally. said...

mr goes - his books great too

to change comments thingy just go to layout and press edit in the big blog posts box and you can then change whatever you like

davyh said...

Nearly did one of these - then though, no, you'll do it better.

Be back soon, you x

Anonymous said...


I liked his jazz show. He had pretty open ears for an octogenarian, slipping in the likes of EST inbetween the Louis Armstrong re-issues. Always a champion for Britjazz as well.

And that Lionel Blair gag was top class heritage-listed filth..