Friday 8 May 2009

doubledecker heaven

long ago now the very lovely davy h introduced me to bettye swann over at the ghost of electricity and i shall be forever grateful. he played something by her again this week along with a really smashing warm smile of a post that finally prodded me to remember about the doubledeckers doubledecker the routemaster to heaven the even better if that's actually really really possible doubledecker than the alton ellis tyrone davis doubledecker although we know that such beauty can never be rated and charted and catalouged like that but hell the almost heart exploding majesty of bettye swann and pat kelly together is just.... oh my

so sweet omis and debonair palones take a deep breath (and i'll get back to the polari lessons)

pat kelly - if it don't work out

bettye swann - then you can tell me goodbye


more bettye swann and pat kelly records


davyh said...

Pat Kelley Sings? He most certainly does.

And thank you x

Mondo said...

*sighs* Gorgeous.both of them. crackly ol' Pat and crisp and clear Bettye

spud said...

It just gets better.


My eyes are ever so slightly moist. ..dust..

*blows nose heavily into Kleenex*

ally. said...

thankyou davy for passing the bettye on. it's one of those records that's almost too beautiful to listen too if that makes any sense at all.

there's a lot of that about spud dear. glad you liked them

Simon said...

Loverly! x

Anonymous said...

do you remember the kids tv prog the double deckers? ahem (coughs) WAY before my time of course....

Greer said...

I'm also grateful to DavyH for introducing me to Bettye Swann. And to you for these two, thank you x.

BLTP said...

soften my dreams with your sigh..
I was in perfectly good place after listening to Pat K. But the Bettye Swann record is truly wonderful so incredibly sweetly restrained i was half expecting to kick off like Irma Hendrick but no simple sweet and practically near perfect. It makes my pile of 19 sevens carted back from the market look fairly sorry for themselves. cheers.

ally. said...

pleasure sweeties.

davyh said...

I would also heartily recommend this excellent comp of the earlier Bettye stuff to everyone who's already bought the Honest Jon's x