Monday 31 August 2009

august 'appiness

balmy tissues


duvets and dressing gowns and slippers and tea

life stories with david attenborough - poorly listening perfection

blossom dearie for soothing loveliness and 'sometimes the things i do astound me 'specially whenever you're around me'

'tis autumn : the search for jackie paris - for all the lost voices we love all the coulda been a contenders all the also rans all our heroes

dusk in st james's park bats zooming out of the palace and not tangling in our hair cos we know they're way too super sonary for such catastrophes the little flappy devils

germ free adolesence

blossom dearie - like someone in love

david attenborough - life stories - the bower bird

a jackie paris sampler courtesy of your heart out



davyh said...

Amen to all that x

Cocktails said...

Ooh, I am enjoying the Attenborough series too (but I think you've linked to his brother by mistake!).

He makes me wish I had a pet salamander!

ally. said...

i've not been well you know - and dear dear dickie has such powers

spud said...

Do hope you shake off your poorliness soon...

(Circling bats are OK but watch out for circling buzzards - you should probably see your GP at that point.)

ally. said...

my birdwatching skills are so poor i'd never bloody spot them till it was far too late