Monday 8 March 2010

double decker

curtis week slight return...

two curtis rockers two heavenly voices one pub piano. i'm a believer

the techniques - you don't care

devon russell - make me believe in you


devon russell from studio one soul vol 2
the techniques from treasure island 45


davyh said...

They are dusty and they are 7s - lovely x

I never got a bus conductor like that.

ally. said...

they are aren't they. i do love that one song to the tune of another thing.

and neither did i but i miss them just the same

davyh said...

Thinking again, she may well have been on the 68 in 1985. But she'd have been 45 by then, and like the rest of us I'm sure (present company excepted)would've plumped up a bit x

spud said...

Had the Techniques one. Didn't know it was a Curtis tune. The only other thing I know by them is 'Queen Majesty' so I'm now wondering whether they were the semi-official rocksteady Curtis tribute group?

Devon's good! Can't beat a version excursion - don't chuck the fruit away until you've squeezed out all the juice. Or something.

glen grainger said...

im gonna send you some picters of my old mans partys he worked on the buses and there were plenty of clippys just like that