Thursday 4 March 2010

fool for you

two favourites...

curtis mayfield - right on for the darkness

the impressions - i'm loving nothing

if you're record pile is missing these treasures then buy now now now back to the world and this is my country


drew said...

I've not heard that Impressions track before, it is gorgeous. Thank you Miss Ally

davyh said...

I have the first, but not the second. Clearly I needs to put this right Miss A. Rispeck x

davyh said...

PS: I think 'Darkness' may be one of the best things ever. Of anything.

ally. said...

he does a he'll of heartbreaker doesn't he? it's a truly bona lp is this is my country - treat yourselves

and right on... really is as near perfection as anyone could ever hope for isn't.