Tuesday 9 March 2010

torment tuesday

it's that last 'yous' that does it that turns everything magical everything ours makes the hurt more real somehow now it's hackney hurt instead of hollywood. little things mean a lot. you know.

anthony newley - i'll teach you how to cry


Yr Heartout said...

Oh it suits the mood perfectly. You can't say this is hackney-d. I was playing In My Solitude earlier. Oh and I found this ... apologies if you know it but the idea of Tony and Delia Derbyshire together seems so perfect that it makes my head spin.

Mondo said...

Love the Newley tune - did you hear Billy Reeves Anthony Newley podcast (with Danny Baker as a guest) Genius. I was never a Newley fan but this turned me

ally. said...

thrilled to bits with it - i've heard about that number but never got me lugholes round it so ta ever so. she's got a tiny touch of the nicos about her old delia (somewhere)

ally. said...

ooooh mond - where's that podcast then ? old? new?

spud said...

That's a proper torch song, isn't it? The likes of Frank or Julie London wouldn't have turned their noses up at that.

But Tone's homely tones make me picture Jum Dale reclining in the half-light in a leather armchair with a glass of scotch. As the smoke curls upwards from his fag the vapours form an alluring vision of Babs Windsor. With glamour like that who needs Hollywood?

(Re 'yous': When was the last time you heard a 'yourn'? I can't remember one since the days of my Auntie Nell who was collecting her pension when the Newley record came out.)

marmiteboy said...

Wow. I love it. What a tear jerker. Cheers Ally.