Wednesday 3 March 2010

just getting good loving

someone once told me they didn't like old curtis what with that funny voice and all grating a bit. i had him shot obviously. put out of his misery. perhaps i should've just played him this

curtis mayfield & the staple singers - let's do it again



Yr Heartout said...

Cor you're a winner this week. Not heard this one before, and it's my legs go all gooey. You don't want it to end do ya?

ally. said...

never ever. whatever you don't watch the film though. it's dire despite the soundtrack

Simon said...

Lovely stuff. Even if I thought Weller was crap, he is responsible for me knowing The Action and Curtis. For that I'm forever grateful!

Anonymous said...

The movie poster is a perfect addition to the post even if it does feature Jane Wyman! You talked this song up in a way that makes it sound irresistible, so I'm downloading away.

spud said...

Honey in the ears!

(Not literally. That wouldn't be pleasant. Metaphorically.)