Thursday 18 March 2010

let's go round again

it's book the babysitter and hit legs bums and tums if you're ever going to fit into that slinky little number time again honeybunches. mark that calendar with dancing

i'll be playing this for starters

bobby reed - if i don't love you



Mondo said...

Minerals! What were minerals?..

And how did you fix your PC, speaking as professional..

Check the cables

Turn it off and turn it on again

One/both will normally resume normal service

ally. said...

obviously i didn't mend nuffink what with being a bleedin' liability. it was all the mrs's sterling work. i think some stuff got uninstalled then installed again and generally wiggled about if i understood the process properly.

and minerals've had me going too - i think it's probably yer fizzy food group. yer dandelion and burdocks and whathaveyou