Friday 17 June 2011

a word from our sponsors

99p soulers rejoice! another night of fun and frolics to gobble up next saturday and a delight of a gift from mister rob right now now now to get everyone in the mood

we don't know where in heavens he digs 'em up from but we're awful glad he does

e.t.white and the great potential - got to find a true love

do come and say hello now won't you dears



glen grainger said...

now this computer is really pushing it no sound and ive absalutly no idea about this track and i cant heare it grrrrr. wot would mutly say
sacumfracrasum now thats heavy langauge.

davyh said...


Glen Grainger DO SOMETHING!!!!

ally. said...

dh a hunk a hunk a burnin' love isn't it

and glen dear - mail us your address and i'll bung em on a cd till yer machine's better. i'd hate you to miss out

glengrainger said...

do what im an old git with no uptake on this stuff, ill hold off till someone young or with it sorts my machine out. thanks for the offer ally but youd need a box set of your
stuff thrue the post, the way you keep comming up with the goods. rember the number 9 sum time all the best glen.