Friday 10 June 2011

day five

"a song that reminds you of someone"

my oh my... old friends way long ago back when we all had our thing all desperate for a bit of originality all echo and the bunnymen or section 25 or wire or soft cell or judy street or the fall or gang of four oh you think they're the same but they're not the same your favourite shirt is on the bed do a somersault on your head gee they take you right there don't they those songs but i bet all those folks i think of think of different songs better less cornball ones. mine then would've been an orange juice one i guess. the songs that stuck. oh heck i don't know. places i can do people are hard. whenever heart of gold pops up i think of simon out of bob singing i've been to romford i've been to ilford so i guess that counts but we're clutching at straws here so lets stick with those old days school days and unifying factors

a certain ratio - lucinda


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Tracy Garnish said...

I love that!!