Tuesday 14 June 2011

day nine

"a song that you can dance to"

truth be known i'm a shuffler. a wiggler. not a stepper. hips not feet. i wish i could do feet but they get a bit too random half way through as a rule. wander. it don't quite get to that natural thing that gliding. cor i wish i could glide. to jazz most of all. glide and twirl. nothing fancy and all not showing off just the odd glide and twirl. still i'm a happy wiggler.

let's stick with the hits

bill withers - kissing my love



glen grainger said...

me two onc saw two girls dance two dave brubecks unsquare dance naerly thirt years ago and its still with me the were sliding clicking in perfect harmony, me i just shuffle but in my mind im sensational ha ha

drew said...

Not one I'm familiar with but it is one to shuffle to.

I used to think that I could dance 'til I started going to northern weekenders all such delusions were well and truly shattered! I still give it a go though

ally. said...

still bill drew dear an lp for anyones list

davyh said...


(No, not you dear, you keep on running x)

Tracy Garnish said...


spud said...

He's in the stone groove, that Bill.

My rule is never to dance with anyone over the age of seven. That's my idea of a level playing field.

But I've done may share of gawping at the likes of IDJ or Jazzcotheque - and a bit of gliding and twirling would be nice, wouldn't it?