Monday 1 March 2010

double decker

it's curtis week people. a whole week of our very very favourite. because we love him.

the carpenters - we've only just begun

curtis mayfield - we've only just begun


*curtis/live! double lp available from honest jon's


Mick said...

I am eternally jealous of a friend who saw Curtis in the early 80s at the Commowealth Centre in West London. To our collective shame, I don't think it was even sold out. What he does to We've Only Just Begun is pure musical alchemy .
Thanks Ally - looking forward to the rest of Cutis week.

ally. said...

it is terrifying how small the audience even on this lp sound too.

Mondo said...

Oh this is gonna be a goody.

There's a great version of We've only by The Frank Cunimondo Trio - slightly barmy and like a drunken aunt singing it. You can grab via this mix

londonlee said...

I saw him twice at the Town & Country Club in the 80s, I'm sure those were sell out.

Though the second time he was a bit below par (first time was brilliant, genius etc.) because his backing band looked a bit short-staffed (no horns) which made me think he was on a budget.

spud said...

Never heard the Curtis version. That's nice. It's a good fit for his voice.

Funny how he feels the need to justify the unhipness of the song!

ally. said...

it's the whole new meaning he gives it that always astounds me.

spud said...

There was a lot of that around back then - is it a love song or is it a liberation song?

Think, Respect, Ain't No Stopping Us Now ... are the first to pop into my head but you could probably think of a few less obvious ones.