Monday 20 June 2011

day fifteen

half way there...

"a song that describes you"

well i'm not a dustman or vincent van gogh or an iceream man or hell any of those things i can think of there being songs about for starters. if there was one about good fer nothing bleeding heart do gooders who never really get around to anything eat a lot of fruit drink a bit more than they ought to wander off of the point and like ducks then we'd be away but...

someone i didn't know very well once said this was just my sort of record and it is it is it just is so this'll have to do

we've had it before and we'll have it again (at 99p soul on saturday for starters)

jon lucien - would you believe in me



Swiss Adam said...

That is a lovely song, worth at least 99p.

ally. said...

heavens it is isn't it. you can get the rashida lp for five or six quids these days but mine still reigns as the most i've ever paid for a record

spud said...

Never ever get tired of that tune. And G really caned it when we first got it - you just can't play it to death.

Every time it pops up in the shuffle I just think: oh, go on then.