Friday 24 June 2011

day nineteen

"a song from your favorite album"

it's lp round here heartface. your favourite lp. album is despicably rockist don't you think. anway you know what we've already said about favourites. we don't hold with them shake our weedy fists at them apart from when they're glen campbell singing witchita lineman which is so heavenly it defies just about everything

soooooo shall we just pull something out of the lp pile and stick with that. i think that'd be best

oh that worked rather well... it's the soul jazz love strata east compilation so lets wake up the neighbourhood with some jazz yodelling. you heard me right brave souls jazz yodelling. hold tight

pharoah sanders - prince of peace



davyh said...

And it's the first blog Ch****mas post of 2011 (!!!!) x

spud said...

My old office-mate N and I would take turns playing our mixtapes on the old radiocassette. Whenever anything came up on mine with Leon Thomas singing on it she'd narrow her eyes and say accusingly 'It's the guy that sounds like a dog, isn't it?'.

Can't get enough jazz yodelling.

dickvandyke said...

Day 19 in the Mrs ally house. And ally is having a soul jazz yodel.

It's going ever so well our kid. You have the stamina of a caffeined-up Kenyan steeplechaser.

ally. said...

he's got a big white beard too has lovely pharoah. now where's my presents...